Growth Mindset

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I can do it!

Each class has their own ‘I can do it’ frame. Each time a child gets out of the learning pit they are photographed with the frame.


Well done to these two Y6 girls who were the first to have their picture taken in the frame!



The Learning Pit

The teachers in our school have explained what learning is to us by using the analogy of a pit; when you are at the bottom of the pit it’s like when you are ‘stuck’. Even though we may have thought that being stuck was a bad thing, we now know that it’s not, its when are really learning.┬áIn each of our classrooms you will find a learning pit display like this one…



One of the areas of our School Development Plan this year is the idea of developing a growth mindset. The teachers is our school came up with the acronym ‘YETI’ to help everyone to remember what this area of the development plan is all about. YETI stands for ‘Your Effort To Improve’. Here are the teachers who are in team YETI…yeti

This video tells you more about what it means to have a growth mindset.

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